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Senior Vulnerability Research Engineer Engineer (Avionics)

Herndon, VA
This is a direct/permanent position with $2bn global engineering and systems integration firm doing some pretty exciting embedded software engineering design for a commercial avionics client (basically they are hacking their software systems and rebuilding them).  This is an R&D Lab and we just hired the Lead Reverse Engineer who is amazing, along with the Chief Software Systems Engineer (really smart) and Software Engineering Manager. There is a team of over 60 software engineers working on a variety of cutting edge R&D projects. 

They are basically pulling apart avionics software systems, testing for vulnerabilities and then rebuilding.

  • Oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, JTAG debuggers, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, power meters, phase noise analyzers)
  • Hacking hardware programming FPGAs, Flash chips, etc. would be a plus
  • C, Assembly and Python 
  • Analyzing and deconstructing software applications and protocols
  • Join a large team of curious and competent developers and engineers working on a variety of Cyber, Big Data and Product development for a variety of commercial and federal clients. 
  • Assess the existing software engineering systems for several large commercial aviation clients, reverse engineering the systems, rebuilding and then determining current vulnerabilities and threats. 
  • Analyzing and deconstructing software applications and protocols
  • Identifying potential attack vectors of all types and on all platforms
  • Triage, categorization, and analysis of discovered vulnerabilities
  • Development of proof of concept code for selected vulnerabilities
  • Hardware interface / device programming experience
  • 5+ years of RF experience preferred.
  • Experience with Software Defined Radio (SDR) preferred
  • Great Comp + Full Benefits Package
  • Global engineering firm with over 30 locations and $2bn in revenue 
  • Lead Vulnerability Research Engineering role working with several exciting high profile commercial and federal security programs and opportunities to lead and grow
  • Great team and employee centric culture 
  • Hands off management willing to let you be an engineer and get all obstacles out of the way
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