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Senior Air Force Survival (SERE) Training Instructor

Spokane, WA
is a $2bn industry leader in worldwide technology support providing support to the U.S. Army, U.S.Navy, and U.S. Air Force as well as other key Department of Defense customers. 

As the Exclusive Teaming Partner to a local Middle East based contractor, our client will provide highly qualified and experienced personnel to work in various locations in support of their Air Force in systems, equipment, training, and dedicated maintenance.

1.    Trains aircrew members in GPS use relative to ground navigation and rescue operations.
2.    Develop course training materials and documents required for training personnel.
3.    Present formal academic lectures to aircrew members attending courses.
4.    Present laboratory lessons to aircrew members attending courses.
5.    Operate motor boats in support of Water Survival Training.
6.   Prepare individual aircrew grade records and trainee files, and enter into STC computer.
7.   Counsel AF aircrew personnel as necessary with the small group phase of survival training. 
8.   Perform duties associated with Life in Captivity Training Laboratory.
9.    Perform parasailing and parachuting duties for aircrew members attending AF STC courses.
10.    Accompany aircrews to remote field training areas and present course material to students.
11.    Must have current certification for Cardio-Pulmonary or Emergency Med. Tech, certificate.
12.    Perform additional duties in support of daily operations of the Survival Training Center (STC). 
1·    High School education or higher. 
2.    Completion of USAF Basic Survival Training Course (SVSOA) and USAF Survival Training Instructor Course (51/81A) is mandatory. 
3.    Computer literate. 
4.    Must have a relevant degree from a recognized university and /or formal military or civilian qualification in training development. 
5.    Must have completed a Senior Level management Course.
6.    Personnel will complete duties relative to training, planning, development of curriculum, test and measurement devices, revision, evaluation, and monitoring of all phases of the Survival Training Center.
7.    Must have 2 years in the last 5 years as a Survival Training Instructor.
8.    Must have at least 4 years experience in the application of military related survival principles and techniques and use of USAF•post egress life support equipment
9.    Must have at least 1 year in preparation, planning and presentation of lectures and Course Control Documents.
10.    Must have at least 2 years practical instructor experience within a Life in Captivity Training environment/scenario Prisoner of War camp for Group Organization and Resistance to Exploitation for POW's.
11.    Must have at least 2 years Practical Instructor experience with a life in Captivity Training environment. G. Must be proficient in the use and operation of computers, to include Power Point, Word and Excel
12. Must have experience in the operation of large motor boats both inboard and outboard engines.
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