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UI Product Engineer (Direct Perm Virtual/Telecommute Postion)

Reston, VA
Location – All US – Remote/Virtual (Direct/Permanent Opportunity with our client)
Everyone telecommutes - virtual office
Our client is an open source big data analytics software solutions technology startup with strong financial backing. They offer a scalable open source framework for collecting, storing, processing, retrieving, analyzing, and visualizing unstructured documents and structured records. Their platform empowers advanced analytics to visually sort, organize and understand vast amounts of unstructured and structured data very quickly through a massively scalable, cloud-based analytic platform architected for plug-and-play with additional data sources, extraction engines and visualization widgets so our customers and partners have the flexibility to adapt the platform to any specific mission or domain.
This role is for you if:
  • You love to use UI/UX to engineer (design, develop, and test) components needed for the success of their big data platform and related applications. 
  • You like strategic UI thinking and devising and promoting new ideas and functionality within the web tools and the entire UI ecosphere.
  • You like to use UI to promote brands externally wherever the opportunity arises and take responsibility for some.
  • You like to take responsibility for some subset of the operationally deployed instances
This is what success looks like in this role:
Software design and development
  • Develop high quality UI code against agreed stories, sub-tasks, and bugs
  • Ensure developed UI code is unit-tested, and where possible is automatically testable as part of build process.
  • Propose outline system test methods against assigned stories
  • Analyze, develop and document candidate algorithms where necessary - ensure their peer review and document process on the Wiki.
  • Analyze, develop, and document changes to the architecture or data model where necessary - ensure their peer review and document process on the Wiki.
Deployment support
  • Provide input into the existing cluster management tools and the forthcoming move to chef/puppet/IaC platform
  • Become the primary technical POC for one (or more!) of the platform clusters for the customers you support
  • Ensure deployment documentation for any cluster you own or modify is up-to-date
  • Be able to perform any creation/update operation on any cluster (given the access credentials)
  • For each story worked on, suggest “follow on” stories not currently in the product backlog (eg a further improvement, a new function enabled by the previous story).
  • Identify 2 relevant emerging technologies (or more!) not used within Platform and track their evolution.
  • Be a primary source of resource estimates for stories for which you are responsible
  • Identify one (or more!) topics of interest you’ve worked and turn into a blog post
  • Participate where available in daily scrums
  • Attend regular planning meetings
  • Ensure code, algorithms, and designs are peer-reviewed before stories are completed
  • Identify, escalate, and work to resolve issues encountered during design and development activities that could impact timescales, functionality, or robustness
  • Maintain an effective work-life balance. Take at least two vacations a year: coordinate any time off with your direct supervisor.  Identify and participate in at least two professional development activities per year
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