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Job Seekers Transition Services - College Students / Recent Graduates

Dubai, Dubai
Are you a college student who is soon going to transition into the next stage of your professional life?
Are you a recent college graduate who is looking for new opportunities to grow and stretch yourself?

If you are looking for direction at this time and need help in figuring out how to use the time that you have right now, firstly, we want to re-assure you that you are not alone in this.
There are many of us who are also in the same boat with you and are trying to navigate these challenging times of professional and career growth in light of COVID-19.

Secondly, now that we have established that you are not alone in this, we would be delighted to help you by connecting with you!
Given the global situation today, we are very much aware that now, more than ever, you will need support to find opportunities in the market place.

To learn more, apply with us and our team of expert recruiters and job coaching consultants will be in touch with you.



The Turas Group (Irish for "Journey") is a US-based global recruiting firm combining over 50 years of experience in talent acquisition, talent management, and outplacement & transition services for over 100 global leaders in F&B, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Technology (Startups & IoT). We have operations in Dubai since 2016 and launched our Indonesian office in 2019.
Visit us at www.turastransitionservices.com.
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