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Soccer Coach/Trainer

Atlanta, GA
TOCA Football is an indoor soccer training center developed by a team of soccer professionals, where innovative and transformative products are combined with unique training techniques, to allow players to focus on precise execution from their first touch. TOCA is where players of all levels go to Find Their Best.
The TOCA Trainer is a position that works in coordination with the mission of TOCA. TOCA's mission is to provide quality instruction to enhance the soccer experience for players at all levels from recreational level to the collegiate and professional levels. This is your chance to invest your time into developing future soccer standouts.
We are looking for someone who would like to make a career out of teaching soccer, which includes one on one sessions, and camps & clinics to all ages. And has a strong desire to be a part of a fast growing, cutting edge sports company. This is a career opportunity that is very challenging, but extremely rewarding both personally and financially. Our Centers run most of their training between 12:00 and 9:00 on weekdays, 9:00-9:00 on Saturdays and 9:00-4:00 on Sundays. Hours during the summer months are extended.
The ideal candidate for this position is a highly motivated person who loves the game of soccer, and plays, or has played the game at a high level. They would also have an excitement for working with youth players and showing a willingness to develop, set goals, and help players achieve those goals. The candidate must be willing to work 25-30 hours a week, inconsistent shifts of 6 hours.
Other traits that are desired include having a positive attitude, willingness to be part of a team environment, and a desire to be challenged and stretched beyond your comfort zone.
  1. Develop a Client Base
  2. Bring in new customers to TOCA
  3. Retain customers through consistent training
  4. Adhere by TOCA Instructional Policies and Procedures
  5. Be able to create training sessions for players at every level of the game and be able to adjust quickly.
  6. Consult with Senior Trainers and Managers, and TOCA Instructional methodology, to train in a way that is in line with TOCA’s missions and values
  7. Be able to work well with other trainers to create sessions for small groups and teams.
Experience Fit:
  1. College or professional playing experience is a plus.
  2. Experience giving one on one lessons or coaching within a soccer camp environment
  3. Team coaching experience
Culture Fit:
  1. A contagious passion for soccer
  2. Positive attitude and a team player
  3. Willingness to learn: An individual that is teachable, coachable, moldable, and a continuous learner
  4. High character individual that is good at relationship building, is growth-oriented and enjoys working with youth players
Communication and Technical Skills:
  1. Excellent communication skills
  2. Knowledge of multiple technological platforms
  3. Ability to use technology to help himself become more efficient and effective in maintaining his relationships with clients
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